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Insight Fundraising prides itself on being a reputable, sustainable company that conducts business responsibly.


To empower goodwill


To be one of Australia’s leading full-service providers of effective and sustainable fundraising solutions and to make promoting goodwill accessible to the general public.


  • Make money by doing the right thing and by doing it right
  • Respect people the way you want to be respected
  • Reward for success
  • Be fair and accepting

Fundraising Philosophy

People give to people with real voices through real conversations.

Insight Fundraising's unique concept of “Relationship Based Fundraising” serves as the foundation of all services and solutions provided to its clients.

Picture: Ella Pellegrini
Source: The Daily Telegraph

What is relationship based fundraising?

Put simply; fundraising by building rapport and customising each pitch to suit supporters’ different needs. Making supporters feel special and empowered to make a difference to communities, then asking for the right amount at the right time.

Relationship based fundraising requires advanced technology as well as genuine and personable fundraisers to put it all together and ultimately empower goodwill.

The four steps

Establish Interest

Insight only recruits professional fundraisers who are passionate about your cause. They undertake substantial training to learn about your organisation and its key activities, then with excellent rapport building skills; they will establish people’s interest in your cause and convey your message

Identify Potential Supporters

Insight fundraisers identify your potential supporters, inspire them to believe that they can make a difference and offer a means by which to contribute to your cause.

Build upon intitial relationships

Insight fundraisers build upon the initial relationship between your newly recruited supporter and your organisation with information provided from your organisation and updates on your great work which they have helped bring to life.

Convert to ongoing support

Insight then contacts each individual supporter to acknowledge and thank them for their contribution. We provide further inspiration, converting them to regular supporters who genuinely believe in your cause and the difference their contribution is making.

Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

Insight is committed to responsible gambling in raffles and lotteries conducted in support of community and charitable organisations. You can find a full copy of our Gambling Code of Conduct here.

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